The iSmile is an electric toothbrush vibrator for powerful, discreet clit stimulation

The batteries are dead on your favorite vibrator, your man is not home and you’re horny as hell and your fingers aren’t going to do the trick tonight.  Many women have turned to their electric toothbrush in this time of need to masturbate.  The problem with the electric toothbrush is that all of the action is on the front.  Now, with the iSmile, turn your electric toothbrush into a discreet, powerful vibrator.  The iSmile replaces the brush and attaches to most Braun Oral B electric toothbrush handles.  The iSmile packs discreetly in your bag and is the easiest vibrator to take on vacation.   Unlike other clit stimulators which just buzz, the iSmile gets you off with friction.  Give the iSmile a try and we think you’ll find your new favorite sex toy.

Women use their electric toothbrush to masturbate.  The iSmile makes masturbating with your electric toothbrush better because instead of a buzz, it provides friction to your clit.

Most clit stimulators consist of a vibrating ball on the end of a stalk.  The iSmile is a different kind of vibrator.  It has a soft silicone dome on the end with grooves, that stimulate the clitoris by oscillating, causing the grooves to massage your vagina and clitoris, instead of numbing it with a high speed vibration.  It’s like getting the velvet butterfly at 5,800 licks per minute.